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Culture Bites 2021

Pearls and Plates 2021

Music by Tilly Kay 

To accompany such a feast, we'll need some seriously smooth tunes, and we're lucky enough to have TILLY KAY bringing her soulful soundscape to Pearls and Plates.

Tilly is a seasoned jazz and soul performer in Western Australia. She also has a long history of visiting the Abrolhos, and understands exactly the kind of aural landscape that is required.

A clean, high-calibre performance, that perfectly complements the island's natural settings...

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Tilly Kay


January 14, 2017

Abrolhos History by Howard Gray

Dr Howard Gray is an author of six award-winning books on natural and maritime history themes. Between tour guiding, lecturing and researching, he actively promotes the rich maritime heritage of the Batavia Coast. His efforts were recognised through the Heritage Council’s 2015 Award for Individual Voluntary Contribution to Heritage in Western Australia. For Pearls and Plates he revealed the interesting history hidden in the Abrolhos waters.

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Howard Gray

CROP Abrolhos_Nic_Duncan-0193.jpg

Pearls and Plates 2021

Exhibition by Nic Duncan

Do you want to have a piece of Abrolhos on your wall?

Have a look of this gallery and purchase directly from Nic HERE

"I’m Nic Duncan and taking photographs is how I connect with the world—I’m so lucky to earn my living doing what I love.

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know my passion is storytelling through photographs; taking portraits of people, the places they live in, and documenting the different lives we all lead. Luckily for me, photography opens doors to all sorts of interesting people, places and situations. And by the way...I am an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, and a multi award-winning wedding and portrait photographer, I was the 2015 AIPP WA Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year, a finalist in the 2017 National Photographic Portrait Prize, and have been a double finalist in the last three Fremantle International Portrait Prize."

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Nic Duncan


Pearls and Plates 2021

Liddon Pearls

Stepping away from traditional settings, Liddon Pearls strives to highlight the beauty of this natural gem with a minimalist design  that are created for a sophisticated and hip woman who appreciates subtle luxury that is fresh and contemporary.

Jane is an artist and painter, she creates one of a kind silver pieces with her personal jeweller artisan. Michela has a background in design and has worked in the fashion industry in Europe and Asia, she  has designed a collection working with Italian artisans to ensure the best quality of workmanship. Jesse has selected the finest pearls from the last harvests. Together they create collection of essential elegance that represents their eclectic taste, passion for travel and history.

Inspired by the modernity of the world cities and a passion for fashion, the jewellery is also a story of family love and respect for the sea.

Each piece in the collection is absolutely unique in shape and color. All the pearls used in the collection are produced at the family Pearl Farm in the pristine waters surrounding  Post Office Island, Southern Group Abrolhos.

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Liddon pearls

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