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15th/16th/17th April 2023

The LIDDON Family has operated crayfishing and pearl farming businesses at the Abrolhos Islands for 4 generations.

Pearls and Plates is our way to introduce Post Office Island, our home, a coral lagoon surrounded by turquoise water where we grow our pearls .

We love the sea, hosting friends around the table, playing music, experiencing amazing art and beautiful design.

Pearls and Plates has allowed us to meet and collaborate with incredible people, local producers from the Mid West and WA and inspiring international brands.

Behind every little detail you experience today, there is a story, a personal passion, a family to be discovered.

Thank you for being part of our journey!


Jane, Jesse, Michela and Rick


Aperol Spritz

Campari Soda


Selection of beers by Gage Roads


•  Pickled Octopus by Abrolhos Octopus

•  Boiled Jumbo cray by GFC Brolhos

•  Carrot hummus, crudités and dukkah by Red Lime Jones

•  Turkish bread and cold pressed canola oil by Block275

  • Crispy eggplant, goat curd by Bookara Goat Cheese, cherry tomato

Champagne R.018 Lallier Brut

Millbrook Regional Rose 2020

Millbrook Regional Fiano 2022


  • Sea Urchin and seaweed frittata

  • Smoked girello by Coral Coast Beef,
    preserved  fish mayonnaise, sea grapes

  • King Prawns by Mc Boats open ravioli, macadamia nuts, seal grass

Deep Woods Estate Chardonnay 2022 and Reserve Chardonnay 2021


  • BBQ wild caught fish by Bowithick, autumn vegetable caponata

  • BBQ fennel, cray oil

Potatoes cooked in octopus stock

Bubble and berry fizz Cocktail by Campari

with Grand Marnier and Riccadonna Prosecco


  • Lemon cheesecake, Lallier Champagne rose jelly,  poached rhubarb, granola by Red Lime Jones

Fogarty Wine Group is a family run business that focuses on quality and innovation with premium and award winning wines from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Pyrenees in Victoria, Perth Hills, Pemberton and Margaret River in Western Australia and Tasmania.

Belonging to the Fogarty Wine Group, Millbrook Winery is an immaculate vineyard, award winning winery and two hat restaurant located in the majestic surroundings of the Perth Hills.


Another member of the Fogarty Wine Group, Deep Woods Estate brings you unique viticultural practices, together with Margaret River’s exceptional climate and soil to deliver superior fruit and award winning fine wine.

Campari Group is the sixth largest player worldwide in the premium spirits industry, with a portfolio of over 50 premium and super premium brands, including Aperol, Campari, Appleton Estate, SKYY, Wild Turkey and Grand Marnier.

Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Bright orange in colour it has a unique bitter-sweet taste deriving from a secret recipe that has remained unchanged since its creation. An infusion of selected primary components, including oranges, herbs and roots in a perfectly balanced combination.

Campari is a contemporary and charismatic timeless classic. Its vibrant red colour and unique bitter taste are the heart of every Negroni and the soul of some of the most famous cocktails around the world. Campari is a worldwide icon of Milanese style and excellence.

Founded in 1906 in Aÿ, one of the few French villages classified as ‘Grand Cru’, Champagne Lallier carries a prestigious name and its distinctive winemaking philosophy aims to enhance the individuality of the terroir. Its expressions include Lallier’s flagship Série R (R.018) and Blanc de Blancs.

Campari Group acquired Champagne Lallier in 2020 and the brand is part of Campari’s new exclusive portfolio, RARE.

Champagne Lallier has been predominantly sold in European Michelin starred restaurants and specialty wine shops

Industry legend, Dominique Demarville joined Champagne Lallier as General Manager.

Known for his bespoke fermentation techniques, Mr Demarville grows grapes eco-responsibly, keeps batches separate, and ages longer for depth and intensity, says Campari.

Mr Demarville says, “”Working with nature keeps your feet on the ground.”

Gage Roads is the strip of ocean that separates Rottnest Island and Fremantle in Western Australia. It's a place where you can relax, escape, explore and find a little adventure. We saw a lot of ourselves in that spot, so we named our brewery after it. Our range of beers and cider are inspired by this special spot on WA's coast.

The freshest wild caught lobster from the pristine waters surrounding the Abrolhos islands. Hand selected for quality and your enjoyment by Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative fishers, using MSC accredited sustainable fishing methods.

For almost seven decades Co-op fishermen, directors and staff have worked

together to make GFC the largest processor and exporter of rock lobster

in the world today.


Abrolhos Octopus is as fresh and wild as the coast it’s caught on.

There are many different types of octopus found around the world, but this O.tetricus octopus is only found along the WA coast. Based in the small fishing town of Geraldton, Abrolhos Octopus is the only large scale vertically integrated octopus fishing  company in Australia.

McBoats is a family owned business that have been fishing for 38 years and has pioneered several fisheries on the Western Australia coast. Based in Geraldton, the family vessels fish the Western Australia coast in some of the most remote and pristine waters of Australia. McBoats products proudly come from sustainable fisheries and use the latest technology for minimum impact with our local environment. The products are processed for export and snap frozen at sea as quickly as possible to produce the freshest tasting seafood possible to customers tables.


Ben Pethick is the owner and skipper of F.V. Bowithick, a wet-line fishing boat operating out of the Abrolhos Islands. Ben has implemented numerous innovative ways to progress production practices and enhance quality, including double iki jime (a method of instantly dispatching a fish to maintain the quality of its meat) and gill snipping (to improve the quality of the flesh) along with improvements to icing and packaging techniques to ensure consistently high standards are delivered to the customers.

BLOCK 275 COLD PRESSED CANOLA OIL is a unique, premium product. It is produced from a paddock traceable, GM-free variety of canola, sustainably grown and harvested on our small family farm. Each batch is then simply cold pressed. 100% natural. BLOCK 275 is a vibrant and versatile yellow oil that can be used across the board and is particularly enjoyable in its virgin state with sourdough.

Big on taste, big on attitude Red Lime Jones is a small batch luxury vegan food business based in Geraldton. Robbie Garvey is  the creator of RLJ. Her food & brand is full of sass, quirky & fun, simple yet brimming with class. We want to inspire you to eat well & contribute to bringing slices of joy into your life. Robbie believes in great health, making you smile and getting back to basics.

Coral Coast Beef is an alliance between the family businesses of Avoca Farms (1978) and Fairville Beef (1995).The unique climate of Australia’s Coral Coast brings fresh, clean, unpolluted air and reliable rainfall directly from the Indian Ocean to the

pastures of the Home Farm at Dongara.  Craig and Kenny believe that the provenance of food products is of critical importance. Coral Coast Beef provides high quality grass-fed beef directly to the buyers who have increasing consciousness of nutrition and food security as well as concern for a sustainable environment and a high standard of animal welfare.

LOGO Chapman R.jpg

Chapman River Olives meets and exceeds the stringent standards set for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Grown in rich red valley West Australian soil, our olives produce award winning olive oils.

"Good soil makes good olive oil."

They are members of a voluntary Code of Practice within the Australian Olive Association which guarantees the quality of our Australian olive oil.

Fresh sea urchins from the Abrolhos Islands

Thank you for being with us
The Liddon Family
Our chef  Guy Jeffreys
The kitchen team: Gord Kahle, Jess, Rowena
Music by Tom Fisher and Jesse Liddon
Art by Jeremy Kiran-Ward and Helen Smith
Photography by Dana Weeks
See you next year!

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